Whatever you are doing right now, just stop. Just pause.

Take a breath.

You are loved.
You are meant to be here.
You are making a difference.
You are so much more than enough.

You have chosen the path less traveled.

This path will take you down a road, through the valley, and over the hill.

Fear might meet you here.

Confusion & doubt will show their face.

Smile at them for they are passing through and do not belong here.

After the climb, your body may be weak and tired. You may want to turn around and give up.

But you keep walking, just a few more steps.

Until you see it…

Until you see it…

The horizon. The great space. The shining light. The new earth. The abundance.

It is yours for the taking.

Run toward it with all of your might. Embrace the gifts that lie before you. Love with crazy abandon.

You are so much more than your present circumstances. That which changes isn’t real.

Remember the real you today.

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